Examples(intro) of songs:
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 1. The Fall Song (ASC singing group*) 
 2. One
 3. Witch, witch (Solo - Filip Staffansson, Dilara Guldogan)
 4. Little Bird
 5. The Alphabet (Mr. Medd and Ms. Rūta)
 6. Little Fishy (Solo - Kate Kronīte)
 7. Feelings
 8. Read Me a Book*
 9. ISR**
10. A Special Friend (Solo - Rebeka Ritene)
11. Water Cycle
12. Spring**
13. Tiny Seed
14. Leaves Are Falling (Adapted from Here Comes Santa Claus)
15. Stir a Bowl of Gingerbread
16. Gingerbread Man (Solo -  Keziah Chalkly)
17. Winter Walk
18. Goldilocks
19. A Good Friend
20. Final song from The Empty Pot**
21.-40. Soundtracks

 * Alise, Andželina, Alexandra, Kate, Beverīna, Lieve, Gyu-young, Anna, Heidija, Katrīna, Luīze, Oskars, Natalie, Filip, Dilara, Paula
** Abby, Keziah, Jantje, Geeske, Marte (and Segolene on Spring).

Rūta Kanteruka – vocal & keyboard;
Juris Zariņš – bass;
Matthew Medd – guitar;
Arnolds Kārklis – guitar;